Friday, April 30, 2010

Resources for the next session

The top six resources are the recommended ones for May 22nd.

1. Article from San Francisco Guardian about trans women in prison
2. Six minute video clip from the video "Cruel and Unusual" about incarceration of trans women
3. Executive summary of this big report on LGBT youth in the juvenile courts, 7 pages long
4. This is a copy of the Comic Book "Hard Life" which was distributed at our last session.
5. Fact Sheet: How the Criminal Justice System is Anti-Queer.
6. Fact Sheet: How the Criminal Justice System is Anti-Women.

Other resources if you are particularly interested in this topic:

Summary of the Amnesty International report "Stonewalled" about US police abuses of the LGBT community. Can be read or listened to on the website. It has short case information and recommendations and covers a broad range of issues.

This is a video about the issue of shackling pregnant women in prison.

This is a series of pieces written by formerly incarcerated women.

This is a recent piece about incarcerated mothers that is worth reading.

This is an article about the big increase of women in prison.

Corrupting Justice: A Primer for LGBT Communities on Racism, Violence, Human Degradation & the Prison Industrial Complex, [PDF] American Friends Service Committee. 2005.

This is a brand new report from ICJIA titled "Victimization and Help-Seeking Behaviors among Female Prisoners in Illinois."

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